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Module 1

Social Media EMagazines & Stories To Promote Your Business

There are over 560 Million people on LinkedIn a lot of them are yet to fully gasp Digital marketing, here’s is your chance to provide a ton of value and build real relationships. Social Media Market is huge. Give Away Awesome Social Media Magazines. The Content within these magazines if implemented can grow your business. Social Media always hot topic.

Strategy to Make Money

1.     Learn Whats Contained in the Social Media Stories and Apply It to Your business and generate a ton of Traffic

2.     Give Away or Sell the Six Trending Topics (The Foot in the Door Strategy)

Module 2

5 Done For You Business Success Emagazines

Starting and running a business is always stressful. There's always so much to do. Whether you help other businesses or want some helpful forms and info to use in your own business, you can save time and money when you use done-for-you content.

Today, with so many businesses starting up each month, it's no wonder that internet searches for how to start and run a profitable business are on the rise and it is expected to continue on that upward trend. If you're a coach, trainer, or consultant you no doubt already know this. You have a lot of competition in the marketplace and deserve every chance you can get to excel over your competition.

You also know how valuable it is to be seen as an expert in the coaching, counseling, or consulting arena. You can do so easily with this pre-made business and marketing Postistic bundle.

60 Minute Profits

Discover The High Speed Money Making Strategies Of The Pros!

Learn how to generate hundreds of dollars each day without creating any products yourself! This is one of the leading money making strategy.

Affiliate Networking

Find out how you can instantly build a powerful team of affiliates that will promote every product you release! These are the surefire strategies to building your affiliate team.

Digital Empire

Discover how easy it is to turn existing content into high-ticket digital products that will generate thousands of dollars a month.

Facebook Group Domination

This special report reveals the insider strategies to building a profitable Facebook group in just a few days!
Discover how to easily build a facebook group that will maximize your income and brand exposure!

Influencer Marketing

Find out how you can quickly go from beginner to micro-influencer to top influencer in your market in record time!

Strategy to Make Money

1.     Learn Whats Contained in the Trending Topics and Apply It to Your business and generate a ton of Traffic

2.     Give Away or Sell the Six Trending Topics (The Foot in the Door Strategy)

Module 3

1000 Royalty Free Stock Images

Stock of Images Helps you to create beautiful business templates and posting designs.

Module 4

50 Shareable Quote Videos That Generate Traffic on Social Media

Uploading video get a lot of views and increase audience. You get 50 Viral Quote Videos that people love to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any social media newsfeed increasing your traffic even further.

Module 5

Email Scripts

Email is still the king of conversion. It's a fast and easy way to connect with your audience at an personal level and encourage direct sales of your coaching offers, products, and courses. After all, the money isn't in how many followers or fans you have... but in the list!

Find our great email scripts by our top-copywriters.

Grand Bonuses

Bonus 1 : Social Vids

Social Vids lets you add engagement to youtube videos like a call to action button

Bonus 2 : Social Canvas Studio

Social Canvas helps you create social media graphics. You can create free form graphics with this for any social site

Bonus 3 : Social Snips

Social Snips lets you overlay any page with your own call to action but also lets you hook up email collection as well by using the for social sites above

Bonus 4 : Social Leads

Social Leads lets you hook up your facebook, google, linkedin and twitter to capture leads. Helps build trust when collecting the leads

Bonus 5 : Facebook Messenger

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