Today’s society is swarming behind technology. It is around every corner we turn for everything we do in life.

Food, delivery services, etc. are all using online tools to gain results. The job market is a key cornerstone in this technology as well. It is extremely rare to enter a business and obtain a paper application.

Nearly ever business operates the application process online. This is not only done for environmental reasons, rather it is done to save time. Time is money in any business and the application and interview process should follow this rule as well! is a website that understands the demanding needs of any business going virtual. With online applications at a growing and steady rate, the need for video interviews has also risen. This process tremendously cuts down on valuable company time. How? Well, the very need for a potential employee to physically come into the business is a multifaceted aspect.

From calling to set up the interview, to waiting for a response, to scheduling it, and to actually physically perform it, time is cut into. It must be factored in that not only is the company’s time ticking away, but also the potential employee.

Job seekers have schedules as well and the video process gives them freedom to do the interview at their convenience.  brings together the crucial parts of the face to face interview to one place. Their website serves as a host to join together the forces of prospective employees and their possible future employees.

While some may think of services such as call based video applications, the overall need is much larger. With that said, conducting an interview on one website not only keeps things super professional, but provides a mutual place for both parties. This drastically cuts down time wasted on in person meetings.

This process is especially beneficial for companies as it makes their hiring process even smoother. The services provided by gives companies the time back to extensively find the right candidate. No more waiting around for job seekers who do not show up.

No more papers to file. No more calls to wait for; simply post potential jobs on the platform provides. The candidates will answer the questions at their leisure and submit their answers. From there, employers are free to review any applicants video recordings on their time.   

Not only does offer pre-recorded interviews, they give the employer the power to choose between those and live feed videos. This customization sets their platform apart from others as it truly gives the employer complete power over how they want to utilize their time. This unique choice guarantees a better flow on the search for great talent! At, the transparency of conducting the hiring process has been given back to the companies.

This gives job seekers a great first time impression and lets them know exactly what to expect. Employers have access to try the platforms services before commitment. Job seekers have the ability to search the recruitment board listings as well. Set the clock free again and aid in the speed of the recruitment process!

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